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Arena Ethnobotanicals Review

Another great place to grab kratom capsules online is from Arena Ethnobotanicals – one of the premier online ethnobotanicals merchants.  We didn’t rate them #1 because they aren’t exclusively dedicated to Kratom – however, they are owned and operated by the same folks that run Kratom.Pro.  So, if you are in the market for items in addition to your kratom, you’d be better off going here and filling up your cart in one place as they have just about all of the same products and the same great service.

Arena Ethnobotanicals has been in business for many years selling herbs and botanicals maeng da kratom 271x300 Arena Ethnobotanicals Reviewonline, in addition to wholesale, and they have a very strong (loyal) customer base.  As far as Kratom Capsules go, Arena sells Premium Thai, Premium Bali and Maeng Da Pimp Grade Kratom Capsules – all in several quantities.   They also carry the Kratom 15x Capsules made from their concentrated Kratom 15x Standardized Extract.   You can also buy Kratom Leaf and Kratom Powder here in Premium Grade Bali, Indo, and Thai as well as Pimp Grade Thai Kratom, Kratom Resin Extract 8x, Kratom Tincture and Live Red Vein Thai Kratom Plants.

Arena is a very popular destination for it’s organic salvia divinorum products as well as it’s fly agaric products.  They also carry wild dagga, blue lotus, Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, damania, and live san pedro cactus (which is hard to come by in the U.S.).

Arena strives to ship all items out the same business day (except live plants). They accept payment by credit card, check, money order, cash and you can even call them with questions.   If you are looking to give kratom a try, or any of these other cool products that they sell, Arena is the spot online to hit with their great selection and service.  If you give them a shot, or already give them your business, let us know what you think.

arenakratombox Arena Ethnobotanicals Review Arena Ethnobotanicals has a great track record, a long list of testimonials and stands behind their products and service with 100% Satisfaction guarantee. We highly recommend them as a source of quality kratom products. 4 stars Arena Ethnobotanicals Reviewbtn visit site Arena Ethnobotanicals Review



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Bouncing Bear Botanicals Review

We’d be seriously remiss if we didn’t give a shout out to Bouncing Bear Botanicals for their Kratom Products.  Bouncing Bear is one of the biggest and longest-standing online botanicals merchants and kratom is probably their top selling product.

All that being said, Bouncing Bear doesn’t actually sell kratom capsules per se.  What they do sell is an outstanding line of kratom powders and extracts and the materials that you can use to make your own kratom capsules.  Why do this you ask?  Well, trust is an issue with kratom capsule machine 300x283 Bouncing Bear Botanicals Reviewmany folks who would just rather go through the motions and do this themselves with quality kratom powder or extract that they purchase.  It wouldn’t be my first choice but it does appeal to some and can be a fun exercise for about the first 1/2-time you do it.

Bouncing Bear does kill it with the powders and extracts though – Here’s what they have:  Bali Premium Kratom Powder, Maeng Da Kratom Powder, Malaysian Kratom Powder, Thai Kratom Powder, Micro Powdered Indo Kratom, Mitragynine 10% Standardized Kratom powder, Super Indo Kratom Powder,  Red-Vein Borneo (RVB) Kratom Powder, Green-Vein Borneo (GVB) Kratom Powder, Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) Kratom Powder, Super Indo Kratom Powder and Golden Reserve Enhanced Kratom Powder.  That’s just the powders!  A lot of these they have in crushed leaf form as well.  They also carry Kratom Full Spectrum Isolate Extract, Kratom 8x Resin, Live Kratom Plants and a Kratom Sampler Pack.  Don’t forget the capsule filling machine and empty capsules – all very affordable if you decide to go this route.

Bouncing Bear also carries a nice range of other products such as fly agaric (amanita muscaria), ayahuasca products, many seeds and other extracts.  If you are looking for some unique and potent kratom powders and extracts, or have been itching to try out making your own kratom capsules, this is your spot.  You can get everything you need here at a very affordable price (less than $25 for the capsule machine and supplies).  If you decide to give Bouncing Bear some business, be sure to come back and share your review.

bouncingbear Bouncing Bear Botanicals Review Bouncing Bear Botanicals takes many forms of payment, offers discreet shipping and a Satisfaction Guarantee.  Check them out. 3 stars Bouncing Bear Botanicals Reviewbtn visit site Bouncing Bear Botanicals Review



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Kratom Pro Review

One of the top places online to buy kratom capsules from a trusted merchant is from Kratom.Pro.  These guys have been in the business of selling exclusively kratom products for many years and have a proven track record of excellent customer service, a killer product selection and great prices.

In the area of Kratom Capsules, Kratom Pro sells, both Thai Premium Kratom Capsules and Bali Kratom Capsules (Premium).   These are vegi caps made from 100% pure maeng da capsules Kratom Pro ReviewPremium kratom powder and they are filled exclusively for Kratom Pro by a local pharmaceutical company.  Each of these are offered in 1, 4 and 8 ounce packs of kratom capsules and the weight stated is that of the kratom powder only (the weight of the capsules is not included – which is a good thing).  Kratom Pro also sells Maeng Da Kratom Capsules Premium Pimp Grade, which are shipped same business day and each capsule contains 0.5 grams of the strongrest Kratom to come out of Thailand.  Finally, you can give their Kratom 15x capsules a try as well, which are made from Kratom 15x extract, an extraction that concentrates on the main alkloids of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

If looking for other than kratom capsules, no worries – these guys don’t disappoint!  You can purchase the following in multiple quantities in either Crushed Leaf or Powdered form: Premium Thai Kratom, Premium Bali Kratom, Premium Indo Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom.  Kratom Pro also carries Kratom 15x extract, Kratom Resin 8x, Kratom Tincture, and Live Kratom Plants.

Kratom Pro continues to pull in both new and repeat customers daily with their great services and prices and they’ve been one of our favorites for several years now.  They did used to have a cool “sampler pack” that we wish they’d bring back though.  Regardless, if you’re looking to try kratom capsules or just looking for a better online source to buy kratom, give these guys a shot and let us know what you think.

kratompro Kratom Pro Review Kratom.Pro offers a ton of payment alternatives – even for those who wish to mail in cash.Additionally, they stand behind their products and services which is very important to us – offering a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. 5 stars Kratom Pro Reviewbtn visit site Kratom Pro Review



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If a person is new to the world of Kratom then they should understand the various strains so that they can understand the one that they need. If a person is not able to understand the various strains then it is always better to talk to somebody who has complete knowledge regarding the subject before they finally buy Kratom. Many people take Kratom and its effects very lightly but that is not a right thing to do because excess dosage can be injurious to health. A person who is using it for the first time should consume low dosage rather than trying more out of excitement.

Understanding the Different Names of Kratom Strains

Many first time users when they go to buy Kratom tend to get confused because of the variety of names that they come across but one need not worry with the different names.

If a person goes to buy Kratom from a good vendor then they will realize that it is, generally, named as per the country in kratom strains 300x300 A Guide to the Different and Most Potent Strains of Kratomwhich it is grown, the region in which it is grown and the color of the vein.

Normally, the Kratom that are available in the market is bought from three major countries, namely, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. If one wants to buy Indonesia Kratom then it is named as Indo and similarly, Malaysia Kratom and Thailand Kratom is named as Malay and Thai Kartom respectively.

These countries have growth of Kratom in Multiple places so the initial 4-5 alphabets of the region are used after the name of the country. Majorly, the veins are available in three colors, that is, Green, red and white. Many people buy Kratom strains that contain all the three colors while others prefer to buy Kratom with specific color vein.

Popular Kratom Strains

Few of the popular Kratom strains that people from all over the world prefer are as follows: -

  1. Bali Kratom – Bali is one of the most popular Kratom strains and one can buy Kratom of this strain easily. This strain is majorly used by people for the purpose of relaxation. It allows the person to stay mentally calm and the complete day’s stress is removed from the body. If the user is new then a small dosage of Bali will work for 5-6 hours and if the person is used to this then it works for 4 hours.
  2. Maeng Da Kratom – This strain of Kratom is said to be the most potent of all the Kratom as this has the highest number of alkaloids. The alkaloids allow the user to be fresh and energized. Many people use this instead of their morning coffee. The best part about this strain is that even if the user is new then too, the effects will be there for maximum 4 hours only.

There are many other Kratom available in the market but one need to understand its properties before they buy it. One should buy Kratom, that is, natural rather than opting for something that looks fancy in the name of branding.

tafbutton blue16 A Guide to the Different and Most Potent Strains of Kratom

Kratom is a type of a tree that is very leafy in nature which is synonymous to the Asian countries. It has a Latin name as Mitragyna Speciosa. The consumption of the leaf has been banned. The foliage is huge and is exclusive to the growth of the kratom with a bird’s eye view. They are dense and give a robust look, the leaves are about eight by 4 inches long and is dropped and received as newly grown later. The growth of kratom requires good amount of detailing and care. The people using them are provided with a good amount of leaves from this tree. They require specific conditions like rich soil, sunlight, frequent watering etc. These should not be compromised. Kratom is used to prepare kratom capsules which are widely desired these days.


Kratom capsules popularity:

kratom capsules have become so popular these days because of the realization of the effects that kratom extract Thai Kratom Capsules 300x237 Kratom Capsules Have Become Popular and Their Varietiesprovides. They have medicinal properties and can be used as sedatives. They even are stimulants, and are known to be mood enhancers. Pain is very effectively treated with kratom capsules.. kratom capsules are also starting to increase its popularity due to its bad taste. Kratom is sold in various for such as leaves, powder, plants, capsules etc. The other effects of Kratom that has increased its popularity are its mood changing capabilities. It may make you feel optimistic, increase your energy, give you physical strength and even more. The kratom capsules are believed to have the effect of cocaine or any other drug. It makes you feel pleasant, talkative and takes you to another level. People want to consume it for these effects.


Kratom capsules varieties:

Kratom capsules are available in three strains namely Thai, Bali and Maeng Da. This is the basic classification of Kratom and is further classified as the percentage of extract available in various varieties as ten or fifteen percent etc. The various proportions of Kratom help define their effects well before consumed. They are also classified as Malaysian or Golden Krartom sometimes. There is variety of products you could choose from for the consumption of Kratom. Tea is often used as a stimulant with Kratom content.

Daily consumption of Kratom in regulated amounts is not considered to be harmful. The Kratom varieties should be chosen as suited for the purpose. The dosage should be kept smack at first to avoid harmful effects. You could buy Kratom at a wholesale rate from There should be enough idea for the person to buy it and use for its effects properly. The effects are related to the quality of Kratom leaves you use to consume. The powdered Kratom is the strongest type and is to be carefully used.

The popularity of kratom capsules has been on a steady rise for the same reason of the effects it produces and its growth in many areas have made it more accessible. The internet is also a powerful source for buying kratom capsules. You should be vigilant about its growth while cultivation, purchase and consumption pertaining to the effects and responsibly understanding its popularity.

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